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“You swan gracefully into the room, gliding on elegant slippers. Heads turn as the soft chiffon of your gown floats around you, and every eye in the room does a double-take. You smile, knowing that your eyes are perfectly highlighted with pigments that show off their lovely colour. Your cheeks have a delicate glow, and your lips are glossy.
Framing your face, your hair is a delicate mass of curls, intricately tucked and pinned into a style that would make a goddess sigh in envy. Every part of your style is carefully crafted to highlight your own unique beauty, ensuring that no one else in the room compares.”

Isn’t this the dream for every girl when she goes shopping for her gown before the big ball? Doesn’t every lady on her way to a masquerade party want to stand out from the crowd? Half the fun of going to a special event is the glamour, and a professional makeup artist and hair stylist can truly make the difference for your appearance.

Relax and let our mobile artist come to you. You can sit back in the chair and let her work, confident that your fairy tale is going to be a reality for a night.

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