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It’s finally that day. You’ve been dreaming about this for years. All the shopping, the wishes, the tears, the fantasies, are finally coming to their conclusion. Today is the day you get to start your new life with your best friend.

You’ve picked out the gown, selected the flowers, and made sure the cake is a perfect reflection of your decorations theme. Your jewellery is full of sparkle and you’ve even managed to lose a few kilos to tie that corset a little tighter. All that’s left is to leave a lasting impression as you glide down the aisle and make your groom weak at the knees.

After all the time and money spent on every other aspect of your big day, it makes sense to put some of that attention into yourself. You are the star of this show after all. Let our artist come to you, and make your fairytale fantasy a reality. With a touch of colour to bring out the best of your features and add to your happy glow, you will make an appearance that will be reflected in all those wonderful photographs for years to come.

Zoya 1 Violet 1 Miriam 2 Thembi 1 Miriam 1 Lenka 2 Katy 3 Lenka 1 Katy 2 Katy 1 Kahu 2 Jennifer 1 Kahu 1 Emma 3 Emma 2 Emma 1 Amy 4 Amy 2 Amy 3 Amelia 1 Amy 1